Ruling the Roost

This is how I found Brady when I got out of the shower and grandma decided it was time to take a walk…look at how awake, alert and happy he is!!!

Our little man has definitely made it clear that he is calling all of the shots in our house this week! He really has been a great baby! We went for our second walk this week! (Thank goodness for grandma… I would never have the courage to venture out alone!)
Brady was perfect yesterday as mama and grandma ventured out to Starbucks. He slept the entire time as we braved the rocky sidewalk with his stroller. He never made a peep as mama enjoyed/sipped her first cup of chai tea since giving birth….that was until we got home and he got fed!
Apparently, some spice in the chai tea DID NOT agree with Brady’s belly and we paid for it all day yesterday. Fussy baby= fussy mama. Thank goodness grandma was here to calm both of us. So, I say farwell to chai tea so my baby is not fussy and gassy….