Bath Time

Up to this point, Brady has been getting a sponge bath. But, since his cord finally fell off, we were finally able to give him a “real” bath and boy did he need one! Glenn and I were worried since it has not been a happy experience up to this point.
But, tonight I think we found out its one of Brady’s new favorite places to be! The minute we put him in the warm water he was so calm and peaceful! Daddy does a great job of washing Brady and I do the organizing (getting the tub, clothes and towels ready, helping maneuver the little man and doing the drying)
With that being said, I have to tell you about the “product” we used. Its called Noodles and Boo and it is AMAZING. You can only get it at department stores and baby boutiques and it isn’t exactly cheap (thanks grandma) but I can honestly tell you Glenn and I can’t stop cuddling him nor can we get over how great he smells. We used all three, the shampoo, soap and lotion and I think we are hooked!