Score= Mama 1 Brady 0 TONIGHT

I win for now… my child, while it is a sweet as can be has been giving us a run for our money at night with the sleeping situation. He refuses to sleep anywhere without one of us. The bed, the glider, or the couch…take your pick. Say what you want, but when you aren’t sleeping a lot and your kid WILL NOT sleep in his bassinet, as close as it is to your bed, your instincts kick in and you pick him up and curl up in bed with him. I know, it is not a good practice, but I love listening to him breathe and he sleeps so soundly.
So, tonight, while daddy was away, mama knew Brady was really sleepy. So, she had a plan… and I think it just might have worked. After feeding him, I rocked him SOUNDLY to sleep, laid him in my palms and continued to let him sleep and then laid him in his CRIB! Who knows for how long, but it is a step in the right direction.
On a side note, we just got his newborn proofs! So precious… I will get a teaser pic up soon!

EDIT POST- As soon as I got upstairs, Brady had SPIT UP all over himself and woke himself up. EPIC FAIL for the crib time….. 🙁