Almost Two Months and SICK

Eight Weeks on Monday… Two Months on Saturday!

As a continuation from the last post…on the last night that Brady and I were in Bloomington, he woke up screaming bloody murder at 3am and refused to feed. I kept thinking “this is not my child” because he loves to eat and he is always sleepy when he wakes up to eat. After attempting to comfort him for almost two hours with NO SUCCESS I woke up grandma and she took over. By 11am the crying/screaming did not stop. Once it finally did, we put him in the car and headed straight home to Chicago.
All day and night Glenn and I watched him and we KNEW something was not right. We took his temperature and it was 102.2 so we called the pediatrician. She immediately sent us to Children’s Memorial at 6pm. Without going in to all the details, like the fact they stuck him 7 times in the ER and never managed to get an IV in, Brady had blood, urine and spinal fluid drawn. He was admitted around 1am after a shot of antibiotics. The temperature finally broke in the middle of the night but not before mama cried a lot of tears and Brady screamed anytime someone touched him. Mama called in the reinforcements…
After grandma made an “emergency trip” to Chicago and a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Fischer, Brady was on the road to recovery. Mom and dad were in worse shape than he was. He was still the perfect baby as nurses and doctors examined him, checked his vitals and stopped in our room. We were released fianlly and saw the ped yesterday and she confirmed he has a urniary tract infections which is bacterial. He has had three shots of antibiotics since Monday am and will be on antibiotics until the 28th when we have to go back to Children’s Memorial for an U/S and other tests to ensure his kidneys are working properly. We asked how he got it and the answer is that we and the doctor hope it was a fluke from a stinky/blow out diaper but there is a SLIM chance it is because he has kidney reflux like adults get acid reflux which is causing old urine (which has bacteria in it )to infect new urine and not drain properly.

We will keep you posted but all in all he is back to his old self…smiling, cooing, staring at the pictures on the wall and eating like a champ!

(As we were getting ready to be discharged…look at the band aid!)