Over the River and Thru the Woods

To grandmother’s house we go… literally! It has been such a fun week! He still got in his snoozes and got to wear his ducks! 🙂

Brady and I ventured to Bloomington on Tuesday this week and are staying until Sunday. My saint of a dad came to get us and brought us down for the week.

The weather has been awful and I have been dragging Brady all over the place as I try to Christmas shop! It quite a different experience with a wee one in tow. He has been a trooper…look at him in his car seat!

Lots of other things going on:

  • back to work in 3 short weeks (really, has the time gone by that fast?)
  • Glenn quit at Citi and started his own business (so proud of him and so exciting!)
  • Brady will be two months old this week
  • we hired a nanny!