It happened… it has been coming for weeks. Really, it has been manifesting itself since the middle of August. But, people it is here. The day is finally upon us. BRADY IS WALKING! WALKING! No, not just every once in a while. Not holding on to anything. Walking. He walks to the things he wants. He walks up to us when we are in a different room. He walks to the toilet. He walks to the screen door so he can smush his face up against it. He chooses to walk 95% of the time. He is darn fast crawling but he continues to only want to walk. Not even 11 months and the boy is walking.

Here is the thing… I kept thinking about how much I wanted him to walk. We kept talking about how great it would be when he walked. And now, he is and I am not ready for it. It is just another sign on independence. Of him not needing us anymore. Yes, I am excited for him to be able to explore on his own, go to the park and run around but dang, I am sad not glad.

Well, here it is. The first is of him walking in on Monday (admist the bathroom redo from hell thanks to Tile Outlet, more on that later) The second are the first true steps in August.