Long Weekend Conclusion

Long weekends tend to get the best of me. I get caught up in 1,000,000 things and don’t really get anything accomplished. And as I spend all of this time on these stupid little things, I forget about all the things that really do need to get done. More importantly, I forget what long weekends should be about.
But, this weekend, well I spent it the way I was supposed to…with my boys. All day, for three days. We were minus one guy Monday, but Brady more than made up for it. And gosh was it fun.
It is interesting how quickly you forget the routine you were in less than 8 weeks ago because life, teaching, leading, and doing has taken back over.

But, today I am reminded about sippy cups that go where we go,
smiles that light up his face when he wakes up from a nap,
food flying from his high chair,

the chords “uh-oh” in 10 different octaves being spoken regardless if it is a moment when uh-oh is needed,
the busy body in him running back a forth from the front back door shutting them to open them again,

to the simple comfort of getting a hug from mama every once in awhile as he struts his stuff.

This weekend, I forgot…about everything that needs to get done. And while, a 1st birthday party awaits us next weekend (I think I have it under control but probably not) today, I am relaxing with my boys and this glorious return to fall weather!