My Kid Hates Cake- One Year

So, he’s one. Yep, one year old. A toddler. No longer a baby.

And me? Well, I am struggling with it. Anyone who knows me would tell you that my memory rocks! Seriously, I can tell you what I wore to work a month ago or I can tell you the name of every teacher I have every had. I can tell you about parties, events, days and names from 15 years ago like they were yesterday. That is why mom calls once a day and says, “Do you remember the name of…” and I happily oblige and answer. I am weird like that or in Glenn’s opinion nuts.

And as I am remembering the past 365 days, I find myself oddly nostalgic for what the past year has been, what the past year represents, and the moments that have quickly transformed themselves into memories already. I remember everything about 10.19.09 @ 10:03am. . I reminisce in my own head about little moments that mean nothing to anyone but me. I remember days, nights, and noises. And, I would do every single moment of it again.

I struggle as I watch Brady’s independence shine through and his personality resonate at dinner time. Notice, he is not amused. We tried cake 4 times in 4 days and guess what, he never changed his opinion. He spit out the cake, the frosting or both every single time. That tells me he is mine since sweets are not my thing either.

You know what else tells me he is mine? He is a busy body. Ask anyone who has been around him lately. He busies himself with things for hours on end. And you know what else? He LOVES to be outside. He actually brings Glenn his shoes in the morning because he wants to be outside. That is my kid outside mastering the game of bags.

The shoes below? A subtle yearly reminder of how much he grows and we change. Next year I have a feeling I will look at my Toms and think they were so last year. And those Pedipeds will be a thing of the past. And those baby shoes consumed by our big people shoes will grow and get closer to ours in size. And as I type this, I am already thinking how sad I will be the day his shoes will be bigger than mine.

And my family, well I love them. My boys and I on a gorgeous fall day where we sang Happy Birthday to a brown hair, bright blue eyed boy named Brady who is still my baby.

And, a birthday post is coming. I swear. The blog has been neglected and probably will continue to be because Uncle Todd and Aunt Christy are gettin’ married next weekend!