Pumpkin Patch

Life in our house the past few weeks have been rough! That is probably the understatement of the school year. School is back in session…I know it has been for five weeks now. Our childcare situation took a turn for the worse three weeks ago and our temporary “solution” ended on Friday. We have had a wedding, a concert and just a lot going on every weekend. I know everyone is busy. And you choose to make time for things but I am wiped out. I am not complaining. I am just sayin… I was in desperate need of some serious family time. Time with me and my boys. No interruptions. No phones, computers, or people. Just the three of us. So, on our way to our SECOND first birthday party this weekend, which happened to be in the south suburbs we decided to head to the Bengston’s Pumpkin Patch in Homer Glen.

We got there and the first thing that came out of Glenn’s mouth was “Look at all the cars.” Yes, look at them. You see that gray SUV in the very back corner…that is our car. Literally, the last car in the lot. Thank god for the BOB.
So, on we went. We paid our money. (Note: This was no apple barn mom and dad. $12 an adult just to get in). But, it did it’s job! We missed the apple donuts and apple cider of our old stomping grounds in Central Illinois but pig races, pumpkin weigh ins, hay rides, a petting zoo and corn maze made up for some of that!

We went straight to the pumpkin patch. And took Brady out of the stroller. And promptly, as he took his first step, his hand missed the closest pumpkin and he bumped his head. He cried but he recovered quickly. He wasn’t real sure about all of it. Mostly, the LONG grass that greatly hampered his ability to walk. But he got some time with his mama and dada which is just what we all needed.

And as we pushed our lil man and 2 pumpkins ( I know we need one more but we could not carry anything else) we headed to the petting zoo which Brady did NOT enjoy. Some gourds later we were ready to leave. But, not before left with the best treat of the day. Kettle Corn, which we have been eating ever since.

Will we be back next year? Yes. But until then, we have our kettle corn and a day that was just what we needed!

Happy Birthday to TWO of my favorite littles, Brooklyn and Dylan!