Steppin’ Out Sunday On Monday

Mandy over at Harper’s Happenings does a great weekly picture of what she and her adorable two year old Harper wear. I have to admit my weekend wardrobe, much to Glenn’s dislike, consists of New Trier Softball sweats, my Patagonia fleece and a t-shirt most days. After getting ready/dressed each day, I just want to lounge around on the weekends. I really should get dressed but between working out, errands and chasing a toddler I default to the casual stuff. This weekend was an exception so I thought why not link up with Mandy on a well dressed weekend. Maybe it will inspire me to get dressed more often!

I used to care, I mean really care about what I wore out on the weekends. I would stare in my closet forever trying to find the right shirt, perfect shoes and the jewelry that would pull it all together when I went out. Just ask Glenn, he will tell you all about this because it usually resulted in a tornado sweeping through our bedroom of clothes, us being late and me whining on our way about how I looked. But then this little guy showed up a year ago and just getting out the door seemed to be monumental. And this weekend was no exception. We had these plans forever. We asked my brother to babysit a month ago. We were looking forward to this night. Good friends, good food and good beer. Revolutionary Brewery. I was skeptical but it came through for us. I wanted a nice dinner but a change of plans led us here and the Beef Stew was delicious. Beef from Ottawa, IL that did not disappoint Jake. Ever heard of a beermosa? It was delicious. Think orange juice and Blue Moon type beer. Yummy for a girl who loves Coors Light.

This evening was finely organized and falling in to place nicely until Brady’s genetics got in the way. We spent the afternoon with our pediatrician who confirmed our suspicions that this nasty little cold had turned in to an ear infection. He hasn’t skipped a beat. The poor kid has had two colds in his lifetime and both times ear infections are the result.
And while it took some convincing, we stepped out. And we dined. And we talked. And we drank. And I knew he was in good hands.

What I Wore:
Skinny Jeans- J.Jill
Flat- Arutro Chiang Von Maur
Cardigan- French Connection
Tank Top- Eyeshadow (Von Maur)
Necklace- Jules Personalized Rectangle Tag Necklace (Twinkle Twinkle Little One)
Necklace- Vintage (my grandma’s diamond reset)

Brady Wore:
Pajamas- Carter’s (never to early for Christmas pajamas)
T-Shirt – OshKosh
Pants- OshKosh

Short week means time with my two favorite boys!
Happy Thanksgiving! We are headed to Bloomington!