Thankful on a Thursday

So, here we are at another Thursday. And as Brady was WAILING, not crying, WAILING all morning from the three teeth that have sprouted in four days in his little mouth, I took a deep breath and I reminded myself that I am thankful. I am thankful every day for the things that I have but today because it is Thursday, I will tell you that I am thankful for

21. a one year old who managed to “make it” down the aisle on a very important day. How cute right?
22. the opportunity to see my grandma this past weekend, who is almost 90. She reminded me that there a lot of moments left to savor and that memories, family and love is what matters.

23. family who can travel to be with us on important days which shows us that distance is no obstacle and family is what you make of it.

24. a couple of hours that allowed me to get pampered on Saturday. It felt good to sit, soak up someone else doing my hair and make-up and to drink a yummy pomegranate mimosa.

25. fall leaves and rakes that make Brady’s eye light up with wonder as he explores new things. Yes, I know a one year old and a rake does not sound safe, but I promise we were careful.

26. a nanny named Anne who makes my life easier daily (errands and laundry need I say more) and makes my heart beat effortlessly knowing she loves my kid like her own.

27. old nanny’s like Jana who step up, help out and still support us when we need her even though her own babe will be here soon!

28. the simple pleasures like Halloween gift bags that make high school girls smile and revert to being little girls again.

29. my running shoes, which have seen better days, that still allow me to clear my head, sweat and have some “me” time at night as the day winds down.

30. a husband who always shows me the other side of an issue, the power of two people working together, the connection between a boy and his dad, and sticks by me in the ebb and flow of a marriage that is full of life.
Even though Nish, who started Thankful on a Thursday has stopped, I will continue because through her I have stopped, listened and started to be more mindfully thankfully. And my husband appreciates it, because the glass, well it’s half full not half empty anymore!