Thankful Thursday- Already?

It’s Thursday already. One week from Thanksgiving. Seriously? This week has flown by yet at each day has slithered from start to finish. Is that even possible? I guess it is but regardless it sounds weird.
We are battling colds in our house…we ALL have them. A so every day someone takes a step forward and someone else takes a step back. Glenn is taking vitamins, I am chugging orange juice and Brady, well he just keeps on truckin, acting like nothing is wrong. Seriously, it has not stopped him from throwing things, laughing, ripping his socks off and squealing in delight at the front door.
A visit from my parents yesterday and trip to see Glenn’s family last weekend makes for a lot of family time these past few days. So as Thanksgiving creeps closer, I am realizing how fast the year has flown by and how lucky we are to have the families we have. I have a thirteen month old. Holy cow! That is just nuts!

I am thankful for…

41. all of us getting colds this week so we can enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday! Hopefully, keep your fingers crossed.

42. my sister in law, Laura, and the amazing appliance lottery that we won this week. Seriously, this is one of those things that will turn any bad week into a good one. Seriously, all new stainless steel GE kitchen appliances for $420? AWESOME!

43. my mama and pops who in an afternoon managed to get us partially decorated for Christmas. And yes, pops, I will not turn the lights on until after Thanksgiving to respect the Turkey.

44. the opportunity to see almost all of the Fischer side of The Fischer Family last weekend.

45. a generations picture of Four Fischer Men that was taken last weekend. How amazing will it be to show Brady that picture in twenty years of him, his dad, his grandpa and his great grandpa?

46. 93.9 The Lite to be playing Christmas music because it continues to keep my spirits up when I hear “Do You Hear What I Hear” when I am battling traffic home.

47. our awesome family pictures that were taken by Renee Gooch? I can’t wait to show you what she captured.

48. spring break plans/trips to Florida that are panning out giving me something to be excited for through the winter.

49. a two day weeks next week that will allow me to rejuvenate, celebrate and spend time with my family.

50. my life. Honestly, life is good and when it is I am thankful and grateful and content.