My Top Ten Wishes This Christmas

I am on Christmas Break or winter break as it is appropriately called in my school district. And I finally feel like I am on break. There is something about the first few days you are supposed to get up and you don’t, when you leave your pajamas on a bit too late, sip tea as your little one gets his first sips of milk that make you realize that you are on break. It is in these moments that I get a little sappy and start thinking about what I want in the coming year. More specifically what I want for my family and friends in the coming year. Sure I will have resolutions but I this is my wish list for others…

1. I want my brother and his new wife to find “their house”. Their first house. They have been waiting, they are ready, and I want them to own a house that is all theirs to decorate, landscape and call their own. (Aren’t they gorgeous?!?)

2. I want two of my good girlfriends to settle in. They have waited a long long time to find their partner, spouse whatever, and I just think this might be the year and the guys for both of them. I love weddings…who doesn’t?

3. I want one my best friends to not give up. She is fighting something that the rest of us haven’t. She can’t let it win the battle. She will overcome her struggles and will persevere and this is probably my biggest wish. Vague I know, but I love her so much that her privacy is much more important to me.

4. I wish my mom would stop and smell the roses. If you don’t know her she is relentless. She is tireless, unselfish, a perfectionist on most days. She works so hard and helps my grandma in ways that define unconditional love and I love her for this. But the woman needs to take a minute for herself once in a while.

5. I want/wish my friends knew how important they are to me. I am TERRIBLE, at least I admit it right, at staying in touch, emailing, communicating etc… But my girlfriends are my rocks. And I know that they are there. I just wish I could tell them that a little more often. Nothing like a breakfast date on Saturday in matching JCrew sweatshirts ( no it was not planned) to bring you back to home.

6. I want to go back to church. Humor me here… it WAS my lifeline. My hour of peace a week. A chance to gather my thoughts, ready myself for the week ahead and give thanks for all I have that is good. Needless to say, a toddler, a small business, a full time job and a husband has gotten in the way and I need to find my way back.

7. I wish that the world of education in United States would shape up. I know I teach in one of the most privileged and affluent school districts in the United States. Arne Duncan just doesn’t get that test scores won’t equal results and teachers don’t get better when you threaten them. Race to the Top really is the Race to Nowhere. We need to fix the way schools are funded. We need equity in education. We need to stop piling on the homework. We need to recognize that our future is molded by us…those of us who control education.

8. I wish that we didn’t need to celebrate moments like the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”. Is it too much to ask for that every person in this world gets to be who they are and be celebrated for it?

9. I want my toddler to see and experience everything that there is. He is at such an amazing age where things constantly are “new” and he is going to have a year of firsts. I want that youth and innocence to forever remain present as he goes through life.

10. I wish each of you a Merry Christmas from our family to yours!