Thankful on a Thursday- Chocolate Chip Cookie Style

I missed a week and my blog has been NEGLECTED in a bad way in the writing department. But not in the looks department? What do you think? I love it. Anyone who knows me IRL, would tell you the color, the font, and the design SCREAM ME! I have to give all the credit to Becca @ Jumpin Jax Designs. She is one totally talented girl and I have an awesome blog to show for it. I missed my Thankful Post on Thanksgiving because I was busy soaking up the things I am most thankful for which are my husband, kid and family. Anyways, new design, new energy to write. But today, you get my thankful post. And my commitment to continue writing. So, with out further delay! I am thankful for…

52. new appliances. OMG! I am typing this with anticipation as our first new appliance is being delivered today. Three more this weekend and then new cabinets and counter tops equals a total redo. All for dirt cheap. Pictures to come. And a great story to go with it.

53. only having 2.1 weeks of school left before holiday break. I need a break. These weeks have been chaos and I am looking forward to the morning snuggles, the afternoon naps and everything else that comes with being at home with Brady for a few weeks.

54. Starbucks red cups. What can I say, I love my Starbucks and it makes every day a little brighter.

55. online shopping. I don’t really know when I would be able to shop if it weren’t for online gift buying. I am on this huge handmade, thoughtful gift kick this year so gift receivers consider this my warning.

56. mind numbing reality TV. One of the best hours of my week is when I can curl up with Glenn and watch Millionaire Matchmaker. Yes, we watch it together because it is so stupid it’s funny.

57. the holiday buzz. I don’t know what it is but it makes me smile. No matter what is going on in my life, I can listen to Christmas music, watch and participate in the bustle at the mall, decorate our house or be at a Holiday Party and I feel good, really good.

58. friendships that manage through the tough times. It’s funny, the older I get the better I am about trying fix, nurture and remedy a friendship when it hits a rough patch. I truly believe that friendships are a work in progress and that it takes tests to prove that they are totally worth it.

59. the quiet time every day when I can decompress, think about the good and and be thankful for all we have.

60. simple pleasures that bring joy to little boy’s faces. His first chocolate chip cookie and he loved every minute of it.