Thankful on the Last Thursday

It’s true. The holiday spirit brings out the best and the worst in all of us. The frantic frequent trips to shops to make sure we have everything ready and wrapped. The feeling every single night that there is more that could be baked or should be under the three. The feeling that Christmas in our homes is what we make of it. My body is weary. My eyes are heavy with tiredness. And as Brady struggles with the lights for the tree my mind is going a mile a minute wondering if this Christmas I have done enough for my family, my friends and my co-workers. Yet still, I trudge through the days waiting for Christmas thinking about all that have. I am thankful…
71. for my morning commute that allows me to focus, gear up and face each day at school.
72. the repeating “uh-oh” coming out of Brady’s mouth because it never fails to make me take breath and smile.
73. teachers that I work with that remind there is such things as “doing better” and “doing more”.
74. my husband who last week was Mr. Mom ALL WEEK long and doesn’t realize how great of a dad he really is to Brady.
75. Saturday nights where steak, wine and good friends consume my time and let me relax for a few hours
76. the smell coming from my Yankee candles Sparkling Cinnamon and Christmas Cookie that make it smell just the way it should in December.
77. my kindle. This little device takes my mind away from everything and immerses me in the stories I read. When I am not reading, I am thinking about how that story will end and how I can’t wait to turn it on again.
78. for the simple things that I take for granted every day including food, shelter and safety. Alena at Charmingly Chandler reminded me how lucky we are and how quickly it can go away. \
79. for former advisees an students who stop by to say hello and remind me why I am in the business of education.
80. my riding boots. I know this materialistic but I wear these things and feel like I can and will conquer anything.
What are you thankful for in this holiday season?