Thankful on Thursday

Tis the season…as I was sitting in my office this morning staring at a pile of papers to be graded, tissues filling up in the garbage can below me from the cold I can’t get rid of, and people coming in and out pulling me in fifty directions, I kept thinking in my head, “It is Thursday. You are thankful. You must write. It will bring you back to center. Do it before the bustle of today beats you.” And so this morning, I shut my door. Told my secretary to hold the fort down for you few and I am writing. Writing this list every weeks helps me to recap the small things that make a difference every week. It reminds me that stopping, thinking, and being thankful is the best thing I can do when the daily grind gets me. I am so thankful for…

61. a brother who was willing to brave the elements (snow, sleet and wind) to take a ride far out in the suburbs with my husband to pick up our new appliances. (And I hear, he was still a little fuzzy from the long night before.)

62. Soup Box. This cold is killing me and Glenn delivered just what the doctor ordered last night by bringing some Chicken Noodle Soup from this amazing little soup store in East Lakeview.

63. first year molars and eye teeth that are relentless. Really, I would like to thank them because they have provided me with snuggles that Brady is not usually willing to give in the morning. Every single day this week, his cry that makes my heart ache has woken us up around 6am and he needs us. I am ready. Ready to do the slow rock in our glider that lulls his subs and dries his tears.

64. Adopt-A-Family. My advisory at school rose to the challenge and it felt good to give back in a way that makes a difference. The boy in our family wanted a bike. Ask and you shall receive. A bike it is. I only wish I could be there to see him receive it.

65. good reads. I am a voracious reader. I always have been. I read on a kindle but still love the feeling of flipping pages in a book. I read every night as I sip hot tea. Yet, as I have ventured in to blogging, I have found an enjoyment in reading other blogs. There is one in particular: Enjoying the Small Things. If are not reading her blog you are missing out. I have never craved to read from someone more than I do from her. And after every post, I think. She makes me think about things. Life. Lessons. Love. All of it. And she does a damn good job. Get reading.

66. my kid. Seriously, he is in to scrunching his face up and puckering his lips to kiss us and it’s adorable. And as Glenn carries his weary body up the stairs each night to his crib the kid waves goodbye as if to say, “night night mama”. And I melt. And I feel full watching the boys I love.

67. saturday nights. While the baby sleeps, every once in a great moon, we sneak away, get dressed up and act like adults. It what makes the survival of this week necessary. I am ready for a steak, some wine and my husband on Saturday night.

68. Make A Wish Foundation– I have a love hate relationship with this tiny part of my job. Every year we run a silent auction at our school to benefit Make A Wish Foundation. And every year when I am up to my ears in auction donation items, html code, parents calling and people complaining, I watch the auction unfold and absorb the fact that this amazing community where I teach raises $10,000 each year on this one day. And I am proud. Proud that we do this for those who are in need.

69. For new babies who will be born this season and their mamas. A special lady in our lives will welcome her own baby boy next week and she will be getting the best Christmas present of all this season.

70. our Christmas cards that make me smile and reflect what I am hoping for our loved ones, friends and family. They are in the mail, finally. So, one should be coming to your mailbox soon.
What are you thankful for this week?