Thankful on a Thursday- The People in My Life

Yesterday, a good friend lost her dad. To a evil battle with lung cancer. The cancer won. The cancer took him way to soon. Way too fast. She doesn’t deserve to lose her dad so young and her kids don’t deserve to lose their grandpa. And as I hugged Brady a little tighter, let Glenn hold me a little longer all I could think was “I am not ready for this. I am not ready to bury my friends’ parents. I am not ready to lose my own parents”. And today, between the fire alarm at school that was really inconvenient and a bizarre afternoon, I was sitting in the parking lot at Target reading her email she sent us about her dad I lost it. I needed to get it out. I needed to cry. And as I gathered myself, I reminded myself of my resolution, to be a glass half full girl. And so I started thinking about the good. What we have. What we have to look forward to. And what I am thankful for today. And more importantly who I am thankful for times two. I am thankful for…

101. my dad who is one of the calmest men I know regardless of the situation. Seriously, my dad has not and does not raise his voice and I think his quietness is that even more powerful.

102. my husband who seems to know the right thing to say when words elude me, emotions take over and my head is not clear.

103. my toddler who teaches me every day about life, lessons, and most importantly unconditional love.

104. my best friends. I may not see them every weekend. We may not have our crazy Saturday nights together any more. But dinner with them reminds me why girlfriends matter in real life and how much they mean to me.

105. my mama. I could write you a book people. I could tell you for hours why I am thankful for her. I could tell you about the tearful phone calls, the rescuing, the babysitting, the decortating, de-cluttering, the shopping or 1,000,00 other things she does for me. The reality is that she is truly my best friend and that says it all.

106. my brother and his wife and my sister in law and her husband. Glenn and I remind ourselves how lucky we are that we love to be with our siblings. They love our kid, they help us in a moment’s notice and they rarely deny our pleas for assistance.

107. my in-laws. They drive to work some days just to stop and say hi to Brady. They just want to spend time with him and that makes me feel good.

108. my mentor at work. She is a tough woman who has shown me some tough love but I can honestly say she is the first person I approach and I am better for knowing her.

109. my work friends. I am lucky that some of my closest friends are people that I have known the shortest amount of time. Being able to see someone at work that knows you, understands you and cares about you makes working easier.

109. the memories I continue to make with family and friends and my new little camera that is helping me capture them. There is something comforting knowing you will have things to look back on when you lose someone you love.

As you think about being thankful, remember the glass is half full.