I Wonder If He Knows…

…that the sound of his deep, wet, bronchial cough causing his eyes to water and nose to run as a result of an awful cold makes me shiver with fear that something worse could ever possibly happen to him

…that his sweet sighs while he drinks his bottle before bed reduces me to tears as I look at how fast these months have gone by

…that the curiosity in each stride as he explores new things make me hopeful for whats to come

…that the simple waves to strangers while running through Target makes me proud of compassion and empathy he is already showing

…that the pointing to what he wants exasperates me yet shows his personality is brightly shining and alive but fierce and strong.

…that when he gets his own shoes and brings them to me a little piece of me dies inside knowing his independence is beaming through.

…that when I walk in the door to a pizza faced toddler in a high chair, I feel good, right and just where I am supposed to be.

…that he is my life, my love and my boy. And I am just happy to be his mama.