I Needed Last Night…

Being a working mama is tough. I wear my working mama cape proudly. I wear it daily because there really isn’t a day,even Saturday and Sunday, as a teacher that I don’t work. People always tell me that being a teacher, I have the best of both worlds. Maybe. But it sure does not feel like it this week. I work my tail off. Work isn’t from 8-3. Work is grading papers at night, coaching softball on Saturday, facilitating fundraisers on Friday night, and having department meetings after school. It’s committees, teachers, administrators, organization and plain hard work. I am on. All day. From the minute I get in my car my brain goes in work mode. Helping kids with make up work, planning for next week lessons, writing observation reports…you name it I do it in a day. I am not asking for sympathy purely trying to show you what my days are like.

In order to be a working mama, I have to rely A LOT on my husband. Do I take it for granted? Not one day. Do I try to do anything I can to make sure the ship sails smoothly when I am working late or have to work on the weekends? Yes. Do I thank him enough? Probably not. But trust me when I say this he is a heck of a dad and I know that much so this takes a big burden off of me.

So, that gets me to this guy.

You see this summer he was OBSESSED with me since I was home with him all day. Now, not so much. And it kills me.
He doesn’t want to be held by me.
He doesn’t think I am funny.
He does not want me to sit on the couch and watch Sesame Street with him.
He really doesn’t want much to do with me.

And although I laugh when talking about it or when it happens, a little piece of my heart breaks each time. This week, probably the worse. I have not been home at night. And so, his daddy, is his #1. (I don’t blame him… I think he is pretty great too!)

So, last night I was home. We both were. And because of the MESS of a kitchen that we don’t have right now, we spend a good amount of time trying to get Brady’s bottle ready. We have no microwave currently. Glenn was downstairs “working” on the bottle which left me with Brady and the bath. The bath, no problems. Frankly, it doesn’t matter who gives it, the kid is a “fisch” so he willing hops in.
After the bath and brushing our teeth we went in to his room to play, put on lotion and get him dressed BUT something else happened. We started playing with a baseball hat. It was silly. He would put it on my head and I would tilt my head just enough that it would fall to the floor. And then he would laugh. Not just chuckle. He would laugh a deep belly laugh that was infectious and brought an honest smile to my own face and tears to my eyes. Why? Because in those two minutes we got to laugh together. I was the only thing that mattered. I was the only thing he cared about. And last night, that was enough for me to put on my working mama’s cape and go to work today.