A Small Moment- Window With a View

“Is there a window up here where I can see him out on the playground?”

“Sure, around the corner.”

I quicken my pace out of her classroom and head to that exact set of windows desperate to see him for one moment.

I spot him instantly.

The gray Gap sweatpants and the kelly green hooded Gap sweatshirt.

He is alone.

He is running up the hill and back down.

He is fearless as he does it again.

At the bottom there is a group of kids.

He runs over to the older kids holding hands and they do not invite him in to their circle.

An outsider.

He labors back up the hill to the slide.

He wipes his nose.

He sits feet from the slide.

He scoots to the slide.

I think to myself proudly, “That is what we taught him…to sit down, be safe and scoot to the slide.”

My heart swells and tears well up in the corners of my eyes.

He learned from us.

He finally slides down and I notice she claps from afar.

He starts up the steep hill but can’t do it.

She walks over.

He smiles and she takes his hand.

He offers it willingly and she helps him up the hill that towers in front of him.

He smiles at her again.

He is adjusting.

He is going to be okay.

He has found his space and has remembered how to smile as the transition continues.