What You Want to See…Cate

It has been a while since I have posted. I want to write but right now there are just some things like my kids and my husband and sleep that are taking priority.

I have started at least five blog posts and each one begins with me talking about something different related to life and where we are right now.

I could write posts upon posts about how tired I am and how quickly I have been reminded of what happens when you have lack of sleep and how much it affects you.

I could write about how awesome Brady has been as a big brother even with a wicked cold, which I will shortly.

I could touch on how the recovery while I think easier this time has been so challenging when you have a 35+ pound toddler.

Or I could talk about some of the anxiety I have felt in these first few weeks as navigate being a mama of two, a wife, and someone who will return to a full time job sooner than I would like to think about.

All of these things are worthy of their own posts. I need to write about everything above and be honest about all of the things going on in our life and the struggles I am having.

But today, on this gorgeous fall day, I will leave you with pictures of baby Cate. My sweet two week old who has taught me that love does not stop at one and that there truly is such a thing as love at first sight.