Cate- Three Months and Better Together

Oh baby girl, where do I start? You are three months old. Three whole months have passed since you blessed your dad, brother and I by entering this world. Things are changing so fast and I just want to remember all of it. You have made us better. You have made me better.

I believe in memories because they look so, So pretty when I sleep And when I wake up you look so pretty sleeping next to me

As, I sneak out of bed at 5am to start our morning, I catch myself standing over the bed to take one more look at you before I pump. I listen to those quiet sighs, the meeps and peeps that will shortly end and I smile. We are finding our groove and you are a great second kid. You are content, you are portable and adaptable. Even as you are currently, sick with daycare germs, you are taking it in stride.

But there is not enough time

Our days are consumed with commuting, daycare, schedules, baths, bottles and routines. But, it is okay. It’s okay because I enjoyed you. I didn’t do that with your brother. I was crippled with worry, anxiety and fears when I was home with Brady about what it would be like when I went back. And while those emotions still consume me, I spent the last few weeks of my maternity leave soaking you up. Your sporadic smiles, the coos that you made, the face of contentment when you are placed in the bath and the hold you have on my shoulder when I carry you. I enjoyed you and I know that you are happy.

And there is no, no song I could sing And there is no combination of words I could say

I don’t think there is a space, a place, or venue where I could adequately put in to words my love for you. Trying to define my love for you, or your brother or your dad is impossible because it is raw, real and bigger than life.

But I will still tell you one thing We’re better together We so much better when we’re together We so much better when we’re together

You learned how to smile.
You love your activity mat.
Your changing table is a happy place for all of us.
You still get up once a night.
You go to bed at 6 and we wake you at 6.
You are changing before our eyes.
And the kid next to you, is completely in love with you.

Happy 3 Months Baby Girl!