Adult Time- Admitting He Is Right

Even before I was married or had kids, I was an introvert in a lot of ways. I always chose to stay home on a Saturday night than go out. If I did or do go out, dinner and wine was and still is a perfect weekend night. I like going to bed early, getting a good night’s sleep and then the feeling of waking up early and having a productive day. Or maybe it’s my job, but I like being alone on the weekends.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a night out just like anyone does but it is just not something, I crave or need frequently.

Since I’ve had kids, well I think I am even more inclined to stay home. It doesn’t help that Cate still isn’t sleeping through the night or that Brady is waking up super early but the reality is that I do not mind staying home. I like being at home with my kids and wearing my pajamas on a Saturday night and relaxing on the couch.

Insert President’s Day weekend. It is a weekend in February that for the past eight years my husband’s friends have been going away together as a group. Before we had kids we went twice with the group. (The years before that we were not dating.) Both weekends were great. They involved lots of beer, late night games of left, right center, carefree days spent shopping on the streets of Lake Geneva or Galena and sleeping in.

Then, I missed a few years, quite a few actually. February 2009, I was not only newly pregnant (like I found out the Monday before) but I stayed home to bury a close colleague who had passed away that week. February 2010, I was just back to work after having Brady who was just shy of four months. I wasn’t ready to leave him, was still nursing, and exhausted. February 2011, I was newly pregnant with Cate and spent the two days prior to the trip so sick that going was not option.

So, 2012 rolled around. I vowed I would go. I wanted to go. I told Glenn I thought I could only go for a night but I wanted to rejoin the group. What I didn’t know was that Cate wouldn’t be sleeping through the night, Brady would be having massive sleeping issues and I was just overwhelmed. I flip flopped, changed my mind, couldn’t make a decision and as of Friday was still not sure what I was going to. Stay or go. I am an over-analyzer. I think about everything so much that sometimes, my husband is right, I take all the fun out of it before it even happens.

Finally, on Friday night as I was cooking party mix and making a veggie tray I decided I was going. Why not? I knew I needed some adult time. I felt like I should stay home with my kids. I knew I needed some time with my husband…and his 13 closest friends.

And you know what, it was great. Every minute was great. From the Coors Light at noon, to Kilwin’s ice cream at three, to the games of left, right, center at night to the fruit and bagels Sunday morning it felt good to get away.

Did I miss my kids? No question about it. Was it hard being gone? Yes but the hardest part was the time leading up to it. Once I decided to go I was fine. Were my kids well taken care of? Yep. And you know what, I am better for it. I needed to go. And I appreciate my husband pushing me to go.

Adult time is good for every parent. Next time I question it I will remember President’s Weekend 2012! See you next year!