Cate {5 Months}

I have been taunting {his words not mine} my husband lately. I keep telling him that I am not sure I think our family is complete. He is 100% sure that it is complete. Maybe it is because I feel like I was robbed of the first months with Cate because all she did was cry and I want a do over. But with each weekend that signifies another week gone, I think I realize that we are complete. Cate, five months later, is different. She is content.

She is happy baby. Truly one of those babies when you talk to her she smiles. When we wake her up each morning, she stretches her long legs and breaks out a huge smile. When you blow raspberries on her belly she giggles. Not that deep belly laugh like her brother had, but this sweet giggle that can only come from my sweet girl. Maybe it is because she is in daycare so the attention is limited, but if you make eye contact with her she smiles, gets so excited, and then kicks her leg with a force that is to be reckoned with.

She has discovered her toes and her socks rarely stay on her feet. Sometimes she will suck on her sock. But usually it starts with the chaotic kicking that makes her socks slip off. The choice is gone and she sucks, with vigor, on her toes. Frankly, I think both are cute but way gross.

Five months later Cate’s hands are still her own worst enemy. She swats like a martial arts fighter knocing bottles out of her mouth and usually cracking us one on our face at some point. Her little fingers pinch items including Glenn’s chest hair, my neck skin and Brady’s hair.

Sleeping…sigh. I just don’t get her. One night we have a great night the next is horrific. Brady is not helping but I still. I really feel like she should make it more than 9 hours. I know, I know, she is still small but I think she could. I am trying to decide if we should sleep train her or wait.

Brady was big, content to be in a swing and not held. Cate, well she is a snuggle bug. She just wants to be in our arms. She nuzzles her face to your skin. She will find any piece of skin that isn’t covered in clothes and snuggle. She holds on to our shoulders or arms with a strength that surprises me every single day. And when she is tired, she will bury her face and hands in our shoulder letting us know it is time.

Have I told you lately how much I love this little girl?