My Valentine

To My Valentine,

That first Valentine’s we had only met two nights earlier. You sent me a text on February 14th wishing me a Happy Valentine’s Day…and I, well I was trying to avoid getting in a relationship. So, I stalled and then you called again, and then the Friday after Valentine’s Day we shared our first of many dates at Club Lucky. I wore red if you remember…

And here we are, eight Valentine’s Day later.

There will probably be a text about the kids, dinner, and the books for the business not about Valentine’s Day.And that’s okay.

This is what I know.

I love you more.

I rely on you more.

I adore the crazy life we live. (Can you say three houses, two kids, a new business and new car in five years?)

I stare in amazement at how great of a dad you are to the two best things that happened to me.

You are today and will always be my valentine.

I love you,