Tidbits of Talk {Volume 4}

Whew! Friday did not come fast enough this week. Every time I thought I dug out from the pile of papers on my desk, the dishes in my sink or the laundry in the bins, more appeared. I am ready for the weekend.

~I have a new prep this semester and it is good for me. I have truly engaged 100% in being a teacher again because I have to. I have to write new lesson plans daily, can’t rely on old stuff and find myself wanted to do more, be better prepared and read for class. It doesn’t hurt that every kid in my Business Law class is excited, intelligent and has a passion for the content. It’s reminded me why I love teaching.

~I am so ready for spring and the clothes that come with it. I am dying to have a pair of white skinny jeans, some colored denim and some sort of a color block dress. And burlap Toms…yes please.

~My car is filthy. It drives me crazy. Since I schlep my kids to and from school daily, there are graham crackers, sippy cups, wrappers and dirt on every surface of my car. But yet I have the same mentality about the filth as I do about toys. Why clean it up when it is just going to get dirty again. I guess this is why people tell you not to drive a nice car with young kids.

~I am so over my kids’ daycare right now. Don’t get me wrong, the people who take care of my babies I am eternally grateful for. The parents, who send their kids to school blatantly sick, like sick with STREP THROAT, are on my list. It is taking every ounce of restraint not to confront one in particular.

~ I went to the most EFFICIENT bridal shower EVER last weekend. It was for one of my dear friends, who I am bridesmaid for in March, and while 60+ people attended, the gift opening was done in under an hour. How is that for time management? Did I mention how good it was to see my KD girls?

~I am on a mission tonight to sit down with my planner and husband for next week and carve out some time for me to get to the gym. I am ending this week frustrated once again that I have no “me time” so I am going to make some.

~Our house goes on the market next week. I am terrified and ecstatic. Mostly, I am consumed with where do we go? I feel like this the biggest decision in my life to date because it will determine where my kids go to school. And each day I lean a different way. I just keep hoping the picture becomes clear about where we should live.

~I have a date with my husband Saturday night.

Happy Weekend Friends! What are you up to?