Tidbits of Talk {Volume 5}

Tidbits of Talk

Happy Friday! This week has been long and emotional full of highs and lows. And to say I am ready for the weekend is an understatement.

~My mama will be here tomorrow. The visit is coming at the perfect time and I just ready to be in her presence. I am calmer, stronger and happier. What is it about a mama that makes her daughter better when they are together? I am hoping to take her out on a date Saturday night once Cate is in bed. Pizza, wine and my mama? Yes, please.

~ My principal, one of the most powerful, graceful and well respected people at in my district and in the school community died on Saturday after a long, hard battle with breast cancer. We celebrated her on Wednesday and since then I keep reminding myself that she smiled in the tensest situations and reminded each of us no matter what the moment was that “it is all about the relationships”. I will never be as powerful, as respected, or as graceful as her as she was, but I will remember that it is “all about the relationships”.

~These are the days at school when I wonder how on earth I am surviving. I mean I am sweating daily because the to do list is so long, the amount of kids in my office for one reason or another is longer and I am in a meeting every period of the day I am not teaching. I even had to get a sub for one period I teach this week. Cray cray…

~Our sleeping issues were multiplying and by mid-week and Glenn and I were at our wit’s end. So, we started talking to Brady about one of his favorite things and book…the moon. I told him when the moon is out he needs to be in his bed. I am happy to report that when we ask him what is in the sky at bedtime, he tells us the moon. And then we ask where he should be and he says in my bed. He stayed there throughout the night for the past two nights. I am not holding my breath but it is a start. And we give him an M&M in the morning as a reward. Good ole’ Weissbluth saves us again!

~I keep checking online for last minute trip deals for my spring break. I am crazy I know. I am crazy because traveling with two kids would be nuts and maybe not even worth it. But, I hate staying here on spring break.

~Finally, our house is on the market. Yep, first week and we have had quite a few showings. Hoping St. Joseph does his thing. Gonna bury him on Saturday but hoping we may not even need to. I would be happy to be homeless sooner than later. Anyone want an awesome house in Roscoe Village?

Enjoy the weekend! Ours will be filled with family, food, and fun!