Tidbits of Talk {Volume 7}

Tidbits of Talk

So this is late but with really good reason. This week has been full of suck. But I have made a promise to myself that I will find a good for every bad in this post.

~Cate has RSV. My poor girl is really really sick and there is nothing we can do to help her. We take her to the pediatrician, they stick a tube up her nose and use a motor powered suction to get the snot out of her. Every time she coughs, Glenn and I both feel our hearts break.

~I have gotten to spend some real quality time with my girl this week and my boy. Two sick kids is not a lot of fun, but there has been lots of cuddling, requests for hugs and time on the couch. It has been hard to miss work, but home is where I needed to be this week.

~Our house has had a lot of showings. I am just hoping that one buyer comes through and says that this is their house and we can move.

~Every time we have a showing we have to clean. I find myself wanting to purge, pinning my “dream” stuff and hopeful for our next house that becomes our home.

~I needed a cup of Starbucks bad this morning. I couldn’t figure out how to do it with one FAST 2.5 year old, a baby in a carrier, both sick, no double stroller and snow on the ground. So, I went to Target purely for Starbucks and came home with a $32 Mack Truck from Cars2. Sucker.

~I took two showers today. I did one just to steam Cate’s nose. Two showers in one day is a luxury with two kids. Two showers uninterrupted, minus the baby in the chair in the bathroom, amazing.

This is all I have… I am tired, hungry, need to pump and bed is calling my name. Cate will be calling mine sooner than I would like.

Happy Friday! Man, am I glad this week is over.