Cate- Six Months

How can it be that she is six months?

It seems like yesterday she entered this world on that steamy September day and now we are celebrating her half birthday.

How can it be that her big, blue, button eyes twinkle when her daddy or I walk in the room?
I watch her as she is methodical with her eyes, darting and tracking us with our every move. I make eye contact with her, she gets so excited, burying her face in her daddy’s shoulder and smiling to let me know she sees me.

How can it be that she already has a tooth on the bottom? The drool is everywhere all the evidence we need to tell us she is getting big.

How can it be that when I look at her I see her brother? There is no doubt they are siblings. While mighty different in mannerisms, they are connected. From the chubby cheeks to the long lashes, they clearly belong to us.

How can it be that it took me two kids to stop and enjoy the small things ?
How can it be that her baby feet and a reflection in the mirror remind me how simple life really is?
And can it be that when I look at her, I see me, my family, the one that Glenn and I created, and swell with love.