Easter- Eggs, Family and Food

Easter Weekend was well- full of bunnies and flowers and eggs. Just like it is supposed to be when you dream about a perfect weekend. We were so lucky that it included both sides of our family, two gorgeous spring days complete with birds chirping and the sun shining and food, good family food that defines our two sides. I even laid on a blanket in my in-laws yard for twenty minutes in silence. Bliss I tell you.

I wish I could tell you that Cate was dressed in a pretty Easter dress and that Brady was in some attire that was Sunday church appropriate but that didn’t happen. We didn’t even make it to church. I vow next year we will but this year, well it just wasn’t in the cards.

Growing up I remember going to my Great Aunt Pat and Uncle Bob’s house every Easter to have an Easter egg hunt even after we knew the Easter bunny did not exist. They had this yard that was perfect. It was big and flat and full of places to hide eggs. The big winner was the person who found the egg with the $20 bill. I knew I had to recreate this for Brady even if it was just him.

The Easter Bunny came, a day early, to our house and the eggs were everywhere in our yard. There was no money. Just M’s (M&M’s in his terms) and jelly beans. He used his basket and found them. And then when he opened each egg and realized what was inside, his face lit up.

Even when he opened the egg and the treats did not make it in to his basket.

We convinced him that the pink ones were for her. And there were even treats she could eat in the form of cheerios inside.

There was a lot of sugar and then the letdown. This is how we found him on Sunday morning before we left for the suburbs.

Happy Tuesday friends!