Tidbits of Talk {Volume 14}

Friday has gotten here quicker than I would have like it to but it is here and I am ready for the weekend. I am ready to have very little planned, for the rain to pound on our windows, so we can snuggle under blankets watching Lightning McQueen not worrying if we have to get somewhere.

~ We have five showings this weekend. We have hit 30+ showings. I am tired of trying to keep our house clean. I am tired of trying to keep Brady from being a 2.5 year old and not letting him get toys out. I am tired of having my kids in the car and making the lap around the block while some stranger looks at my house and decides it is not for them. In some ways I feel dirty… all these strangers in my house looking at my pictures, examining my decorating or lack thereof and deciding that our home is not good enough for them.

~My SIL, Laura, found out she is having a baby girl. She is due right around Cate’s 1st birthday. I am already excited for Cate to have a cousin close to her in age and the same gender. I just know that they will have a special relationship.

~ I feel out of balance right now. I feel like there are so many things I would like to be doing and yet I can’t manage to get anything done or focus on one thing. My mind races 1,000,000 miles a minute. I am counting down until summer and I am committed to making a plan for each week that includes things to do with my kids, me things and family things that I just need to deal with.

~Speaking of time, I am obsessed with the Shades of Gray Trilogy. Have you read it? Oh my god. Sometimes, I hide my ipad if I am reading public places because the content is so inappropriate. The sex scenes are crazy but the plot is thick and I am hooked.

~So right now everything is all mommy all the time. And, yes I am grateful that I am the chosen one for bedtime, baths and teeth right now because for a long time I was not. However, I am spent and frustrated. My husband is willing and capable of helping but Brady just won’t let him do. So after doing it all with Cate, I get to do it with Brady and then there is no time left for me. And no time for Glenn and I because bottles still need to be made, bags packed and I usually have emails to reply to and papers to grade. Most people reading would say that Glenn should take over with Cate. Easier said than done because that is the only time I get with her and I need it.

~ Have you seen these two You Tube videos. If this is where we are headed, I am excited and scared for what the future holds.

Project Glass

A Day Made of Glass

Happy Weekend Friends!