A Meme…I Just Can’t Do Tidbits Right Now

Life right now is indescribable in words. This is not the place for my thoughts or emotions so a meme is replacing tidbits of talk this week and I guess it will have to suffice for missing last week as well. My husband is away for work, my parents have been here and I just don’t have it in me to try to write tidbits of talk because frankly I can’t so a meme it is…

Current Book(s)– I just finished Kelle Hampton’s “Bloom”. Have you read it? Honestly, I was moved to tears more than I care to admit but they were happy tears and I found myself celebrating my kids and husband and doing some serious reflecting. She is a blogger I read religiously and I am glad I sprung for her book. I still have “Insurgent” on my ipad as well.  I am struggling with it because I read the first book “Divergent” so long ago…like last May and I can’t remember characters and I am trying to decide if I need to reread the first to read the second.

Playlist– Hmmm, I rarely have my nano in my ears because I have been into yoga for a workout and when I do run I am listening to things like Black Eyed Peas, Girl Talk, Rodney Atkins and LMFAO. Random right? I listen to the Wicked and Rent soundtracks when I cook dinner and blast any country music playlist I can find on Spotify.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure – Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake. Confession…we told Brady it was all gone and it is not and after he goes to bed I keep sneaking a piece. And last weekend I left a fork and piece in the freezer on a plate so all day long I could have a bite when I wanted one.

Current Color – white. It is so crisp, so clean and just adds a pop to everything.  Not exactly the most flattering but I still am loving it.

Current Drink – Coke. Every since I had Cate, I just can’t drink Diet Coke which was my faithful drink for lunch. Now, when I crave carbonation I just crave the sugar from the real thing and I am so tired that the caffeine does not even bother me.

Current Food – It is hot and windy and sunny and blue skied in the Windy City right now so I am loving anything we can throw on the grill. We had some amazing Copper River Salmon the other night, chicken is a stand by and Brady loves hot dogs on the grill and so does his mama.

Current Favorite Show – Game of Thrones is the newest show I started watching and Mad Men gets me every week. I was so hestitant to watch Game of Thrones probably because I didn’t want to admit my husband was right but now I get it. I don’t love history but the plot, the huge amount of characters and the fighting is pretty easy to watch. And who doesn’t love Mad Men? If you aren’t watching these two, you should be.

Current Wishlist – Honestly, I wish for a long weekend with my husband. We so need some time right now and I think we have earned it.  We need some time away from our daily grind and I am not optimistic we will find it but a girl can hope. And I wish for silly things like cold beers on my deck, sun kissed kids and stress free days at the beach. I should be able to make most of these things happen sooner than later since I am on summer vacation.

Current Needs – I need to clean off my external hard drive, purge some things at school and home and I need to get my life organized. I put so many things off and tell myself I will deal with them when school is out. And now it is so I am going to tackle some things. Since I have a hoarder personality, this is big and no one should get in the way because I am motivated.

Current Triumphs – I have survived the toughest week in my life this past week and I have the best partner next to me. Honestly, he hates to be talked about on this blog, but this week I am grateful for him, our marriage and the true meaning behind the word partner. We may not see eye to eye every day about every issue on every level but he is my partner.

Current Bane(s) of my Existence – I plead the fifth.  (No really you don’t want to know.)

Current Celebrity Crush – Yikes, I have watched very little TV but Don Draper is a daper looking man…for an older guy.

Current Indulgence – Random, but there are these parmesan crisps things that are sold at Whole Foods. You used to be able to get them off the salad bar and pay next to nothing for them. Now, Whole Foods got smart, packaged them up and they are EXPENSIVE.  What isnt’ in there and I still find myself buying them weekly. And not sharing.

Current #1 Blessing – That I have a happy, healthy family.

Current Slang or Saying– Womp, womp, womp…. I swear it is my response to most things.

Current Outfit-  I have been rotating between running clothes, maxi dresses and bright shorts and tees from J.Crew depending on the day. 

Current Excitement- I am excited for summer vacation to really start. I am excited for the Brady Bucket List that I plan on documenting on this blog.  He and I have quite a plan for our summer and I am ready…

Current Mood – Confused

Who wants to answer these questions next?