Cate {Nine Months}

Cate {9 Months} A Few Weeks Late

I wrote this huge post two days after my girl’s 9 month birthday, transferred it to blogger and swore I saved it.  Then, I went to edit and publish it the next morning and it was gone. How does that happen? I don’t know but since then my life has been turned upside down so the post has not been re-written. And honestly, I am sad. I wrote a post that shared a secret with you about something I do with my kids but maybe it’s meant to be my secret so here I am with a new post about my best girl. 

I am ten days late ready to tell you about my best girl and all that is going on with her.  I had to go back to the letter I wrote her on her nine month birthday to remember some of the small things but this is what I will tell you simply stated…I am lucky. Lucky to be her mama and lucky to call her mine and every day with her reminds me the most important job in the world is to be her mama. 

As parents I think we are our children’s best and worst critic. We complain about the little things and tend to think our kid is special. I am no different. I think she is really special and the way she pinches me daily with her little fingers drives me crazy but what is really important is that Cate’s 100% healthy, thriving and that is enough.

Sure she is barely in the 50th percentile for weight and the 90th percentile for height but my pediatrician calls that healthy. What can I say? She HATES the bottle, barely taking 12 ounces a day and loves people food. It definitely keeps us on our toes and every day we just hope she has drank enough. The paranoid mom in me is worried she drinks so little that she will start waking up in the middle of the night hungry but my pediatrician assures me she won’t. 

She is showing very little interest in crawling or walking. She likes to stand for short periods of time and she is trying to pull up but she is such a runt that she is not strong enough. She still loves her feet. I mean it is not like she licks them for a split second, she literally sucks on them like she is nursing and will even attempt to do it in a sitting position. She also loves, I mean loves, to eat carpet. We can’t set her down on it because in a blink of an eye she pulls some up and eats it.  
She repeats a lot of sounds and when she is upset she says “ma ma ma ma ma”. She waves at the fan, people, her brother and anything else she feels like and making noise tends to be a favorite activity.

This month we started bathing our kids together. Brady loves to be the “engine” in the front of the bath and he tells Cate each night that she is the “caboose”.  She doesn’t care. She creeps on his space, makes noises so he will notice her and just loves having him that close.

She is everything a nine month old should be- curious, expressive, cuddly, and messy. And for that I am just grateful. We had her pictures taken last weekend and I am dying to see them. Hopefully this is the beginning of me writing again.