Tidbits of Talk {Volume 19}

Happy Friday friends! It is a new month (probably one of my favorite months) which means my favorite girl gets a month older. Glad that I am back in the swing of blogging and I anticipate with summer on the horizon I will find time to write even more frequently.

~Why do four day work weeks seem like six day work weeks? Seriously, I loved having an extra day off but these weeks always seem to go by too fast, I try to accomplish too much and it leaves me feeling like I did not get it all done.

~Wedding season is in full swing this weekend for us. This week is special because the girl getting married happens to be someone I treasure my friendship with probably more than she knows. She has taught me that it is not about how often you talk, but that you do talk and when you do you make the most of it. All I want is to see her happy and this weekend she will have her dream wedding and I can’t wait to celebrate with her. I am wearing this dress… weird but it is WAY shorter on me than in the picture.

~ I have been gathering a list of things I want to do this summer with Brady.  He and I’s bucket list so to speak.  I am counting the days down until we can actually go do some of them. 

~I rocked a pair of white jeans from J.Crew last week and I loved them so much I have them on again today. I think white jeans can be scary because they are not flattering but I love how fresh they make an outfit look and have a feeling I will be wearing them a ton this summer.

~ Game of Thrones. Okay, so my husband was right. It is awesome and a time suck and I am addicted. I only watch one episode a night as of now because it is about all I can handle but seriously who knew history could be so cool.

~ I know I am jinxing us but last Sunday on a whim we stopped lying with Brady until he fell asleep.  All week Glenn and I have been reading to him, tucking him in once at the most twice and he has been falling asleep on his own. Amazing how much time I have gotten back each night…

~I NEED some inspiration for Cate’s 9 month pictures next weekend. I have this vision but cannot seem to work it out so for now I have no clue what she is wearing… maybe it will be a naked baby shoot.

~Okay I am committing to the Instagram June Photo Challenge. It really shouldn’t be that hard to take one picture a day but I FAILED in May. Want to join me? 

Happy June! And Happy Weekend!