A Recap- Bloomington-Normal

I could write ten more posts about our time in Bloomington-Normal with my parents and I fully intended on doing so while we were down there. But as always when I am down there, I find myself living in the present, wanting to talk instead of surfing the web, relaxing with the newspaper instead of reading blogs and not finding writing a necessity. I manage to tuck memories in my head and that seems to suffice.  

We had a really great week in Central Illinois despite Mother Nature’s attempt to make things really hard or hot however you want to look at it.  The temperature hovered in the 90’s each day but it was the humidity that was relentless.

Small town equates to easier to get things done for me…usually.

We started the week at the Ropp Farms. For a kid who lives in the city, it was like books came to life in the blink of an eye. We saw pigs, baby cows and even goats.  When saw goats and even though he wasn’t daring enough to actually feed them he was totally intrigued and didn’t want to leave.  

The bugs and the smell were not exactly pleasant but the place was welcoming, quaint and perfect.  My husband thinks he is hilarious and assumes that since I am from south of Interstate 80 that I am from a farm.  What he fails to understand is that while I am from a town surrounded by beans and corn and animals I know nothing about them nor will I ever.   

We spent time at the pool and the splash park. Cate just loves the water. You can sit her in it and she will stay busy. And he will climb on anything. 

We went to the Children’s Museum.
We even made it to the fire station. Took a couple of tries but we got there. Brady is really funny right now. He gets so excited to do things and the then the minute we get there and he has the opportunity to experience things he clams up.  He wants to be held, gets shy and very quiet.  Cate is the polar opposite. If she was there, she would have climbed right in and put the hat on. 

We did simple things like eat ice cream, run on the trail, play in my mama’s mirrors, wear goggles, take bubble baths, and just be silly.  She let him brush her hair while I showered. 

She cracked herself up in this mirror. 
She could not stop laughing and my mama and she had her hand in the diapers and wipes bin all week.
And  while I was sad to leave, it was time. My parents are great grandparents but I think after a week they may need a couple of days to sleep and a vacation to relax.  I kid.  But seriously, it is good to be home but I look forward to the next time our travels take us there and we make more memories.