Cate {10 Months}

We are headed to shores of Lake Michigan for a week and I apologize in advance if I don’t post all week. I am still debating if I am even going to bring my laptop. The idea of unplugging, being present without pressure from technology excites me. I read off my Ipad so it will make the trip and of course I will have my phone. But there is just something about bringing my work computer that makes it seem like less of a vacation. 

I wanted to write this huge post about how Cate is 10 months old growing before my eyes and I am trying to soak up the baby in her but I don’t have the time. Yes, I know we are all busy. We all have full schedules but to be honest we were gone for a week, back for less than a week and gone again for a week so needless to say I have stayed busy packing, unpacking, repacking, celebrating the 4th of July and trying to do the normal things that have to get done each day.

Every month I find myself wondering where the time has gone and how Cate has grown a month older and a month closer to being one year old.  I find myself trying to find small moments; little moments that I can remember about her being a baby worried that in a blink of an eye she will be off riding a bike with her brother forgetting that I am even watching from our house. 

She wakes up happy almost every morning; talking to herself in her crib, eating her loveys and rolling around until someone comes and rescues her.  Some mornings she will let me rock her right when she wakes up just for that first minute as her eyes adjust to the light when I pluck her from the darkness of her room.   Other nights she will let me rock her after she has finished eating and has drifted off. And still there are more moments than less where she is morphing from baby to toddler before my eyes. She is independent, curious and busy.

Usually once babies become mobile, they are content to be alone. They become happier, not needed to be held as often and independent.  She hasn’t crawled yet or even pulled up. I suppose if I was a new mom I would be worried.  But I am not. I am relishing in watching her clap for her brother, explore our kitchen cabinets wave to anyone or no one but thinking she is funny.  I am content that she is happy, playful and gives out hugs constantly. 

Things Cate LOVES
~Her brother
~ To throw things under the couch
~ To try to take her diaper off
~ To wave at anyone or no one 
~ To drink from her sippy cup
~ To be held and give hugs 
~ The bath 
~ Naps and Nighttime
Things Cate HATES
~ Lotion after the bath 
~ Being left in a room alone 
~ The car (sometimes)
As you can see, more good than bad and before I know it we will have a one year old. Wow! 
For now, I am off to the beach with my family, enjoying summer, enjoying my family and enjoying life! 
Happy Weekend!