Mini Posts- The Middle Ground


Sometimes I have  something more to write than tidbits of talk on Fridays, but not enough for a whole blog post.  So enter this post.  This week you will more than likely be bombarded with posts from me. Although I don’t post consistently, I write a lot and have a couple of posts ready to go for this week.  
With rain in the forecast and earlier in the morning, I made a last minute decision to take Brady to the Morton Arboretum on Thursday. 
It is a haul from the city, but oh so worth it.  I had no clue how to get there or what there was to do, but a quick text to a best friend confirmed it would be worth it.   

There were frogs and turtles and lily pads and streams to wade in.

There were simple moments and silly questions. 

There was a mama and her son.

Our street’s block party was Saturday and the day was picture perfect.  We have been in charge of balloons for two years now and Brady was eager to help. When we returned from a family party late in the afternoon, Brady wanted to stay outside and he entertained himself with this balloon and I just snapped away. 

Isn’t it amazing how something so small, so simple and so inexpensive can bring an almost three year old so much pleasure. 

I find myself wishing I was out from behind my camera more. I feel like I have very few pictures of my kids and I. So I try to capture myself with Cate and Brady when I can…or I just end up capturing her.  Because how can you not? 

This is the face of a little girl determined to get the balloon her brother is playing with!