Tidbits of Talk

Happy Friday! Gosh, how is it that another week has come and gone and here we are at Friday and looking at the last week of August? Work has really consumed my week and when I think I would like to write, I realize that I get consumed with something else and end up not doing it. I am really hoping next week I get back to blogging regularly since Cate will be turning one and I have so much to share about our house. 

~ This week we went in triage mode for a friend.  She needed us and we were ready to help.  I can’t tell you how good it feels to know that I have a friend that counts on me and that I can count on.  I trust her, I love her and I love her kiddo.

~ We have all these grand plans for this new house of ours but I am so slow to pull the trigger but I am fearful of making a mistake like picking the wrong paint color, wrong fabric or couch. So, the decorating has been slow…really slow.  But we bought a beautiful couch and that is good place to start.  I peruse pinterest for ideas and get so overwhelmed that I am really close to bringing in some professional help.

~ I am on an overload this fall which means I am teaching an extra class. It is nuts. What I was thinking when I agreed was clearly not a sane thought.

~ I went in the city to get my haircut because I refuse to change until I find someone I trust.  Long story short, I DO NOT misses the commute because it took me an hour to get in on a Wednesday night at 7pm.  I DO miss the energy, the people and the city itself.  I promised myself that I will take my kids in as much as possible and let them explore the city.

~ Brady is in a classroom at school with only four other kids for now. Can you say amazing? He is getting tons of attention, tons of love and learning so much. He is truly in a preschool setting and I could not be happier. Now if only we could get him out of diapers.

~ Cate is starting to adjust to our new nanny. I knew she would and I also know she is dramatic. So I am not surprised but she is giving Glenn a run for his money in the morning. She cries from the minute I leave to minute he leaves and then stops. Brutal for him…

We are headed to the beach this weekend, spending time with family, and gearing up for a busy, exciting weekend starting next Friday! Happy Friday Friends! Sorry for the lack of pictures. My DSLR needs to be charged and just haven’t done it yet so all I have are pictures from Instagram! Enjoy the last days of summer!