Mom Meal Success

As a working mom, the pressure is on from the minute I leave for work to figure out “what’s for dinner”.  I menu plan and usually have a pretty good idea what we will eat most nights. And yes there are nights that we “punt” and order pizza or pick up take out.  But most nights, cooking is easier and healthier and makes our night go smoother. Plus, now living in the suburbs, it is harder to order or just go grab something which is a good thing! 

I like to cook. Glenn likes to cook. But, we struggle to find meals we agree on that are fast.  And with two small kids, fast is key.  Glenn likes meat, like most men, and I am indifferent.  I love my slow cooker and Glenn is not the biggest fan.  So, I find myself perusing pinterest looking for ideas constantly.   And honestly, I pin a lot of stuff.  And we try stuff.  Some nights we have an epic failure with food.  And two weeks ago, we had a victory. (It’s taken me this long to post it). 

Enter this pin. The inspiration but we didn’t use a lot of her ingredients. 

Picture from the NY Times
I modified the recipe for Glenn and I.  I didn’t use coriander or cumin, honestly because we didn’t have it. We did not use lemon because neither Glenn or I like lemon anything.  I used soy sauce and rice vinegar and a pinch of garlic powder to help the flavor, sea salt and pepper. I did use the chili powder and some red pepper flakes for spice.   I served it on rice.  Glenn’s only request was that it have more sauce. It was delicious, easy and healthy and fast.  
The best part of the meal- the cleanup. So quick and so easy and officially a keeper. Did I mention we are having it again tonight? 

So, what pinterest recipes have you tried that have worked?