I have this affection for good pictures. I am not good at using my camera. I dream of taking classes, getting better and capturing every moment I can with my kids but I know that is unlikely.  Not because it don’t want to or don’t have the time but because creativity and artistic things are not my strong suit.  So, I settle for paying people to do it for me.  And I capture my kids professionally as much as I can.  My husband would tell you it is excessive and expensive and I would say it is worth it.  I have to tell you that Annetta Blair blew my expectations out of the water and I will be begging her to shoot my kids again soon.  Seriously, this woman managed to capture my kids just they way they are…which is all I even want.  A snapshot.   
This kid had an awesome summer. He is tanned, happy and he carefree just as he should be at his age.  He is full of smiles and you can tell by looking at the pictures that nothing else matters but all of the family he is with on this day on my college campus.  
And sweet Cate is just that. Sweet but sassy, all but refusing to smile on picture day.  Dainty but dirty just being herself. Content on our laps, curious when put down but oh so serious. 

I mean, does it get any better than this? In the proofs there are three pictures and in each picture Cate gets happier and Brady starts to cry harder. 

So, Annetta, I publicly say thank you.  For being my eyes behind the lens and capturing my kids.