Tidbits of Talk

Sometimes I think I do more tidbits of talk than regularly blog posting. I have this huge list of things to write about and yet I don’t do it. Except tonight (it’s Wednesday), I am starting tidbits of  talk because I am in a funk, hibernating in our bedroom until I am in a more pleasant mood and decided what better to do than write. It’s quiet, warm and the papers that need to need to be graded are a flight of stairs away and they can wait.

~The last question I asked my kids on an assignment the other day was what song you can listen to on repeat.  Most of the artists were people I have never heard of nor was the song. I was tempted to pull up ITunes to hear snippets of each song and then I decided I would stick to what I know and XM Radio in my new car is doing just that. There is a Pearl Jam station- U-High Volleyball anyone and a Dave Matthews Band station that just screams college.

~Our block party is this Saturday. It is serious business up in the suburbs people. For one, we have to bring a farm animal made out of recyclables. I mean that in itself is giving me anxiety. I have been hoarding things that we normally throw away and googling furiously for ideas. Do we go conservative, funny or just make something plain ridiculous? We have to make a pie and bring a dish to pass. That is a hefty amount of things to do right? The night ends with a movie on someone’s lawn. Movie screen and all.  Go big or go home right? 

~I know this is going to come out whiny but Cate is bringing me to my knees daily. My eyes have deep, dark circles under them and my patience is thin. She is just not happy. We found a molar that popped through but that is only her 5th tooth total so my question is how long we will be living this teething nightmare? She is drooling, whining, clinging to us and most frustrating, not sleeping. Not sleeping and letting us know.  This week has reaffirmed my decision to never go back to the newborn phase.

~ Can we talk about the fact that I have not gotten my DSLR out literally since we moved. I don’t know what it is or my excuse but my iPhone is always on me so I just keep using it to snap pictures. This makes me sad and I need to commit to using my big girl camera more. I am thinking next week it will make the trip to Bloomington  with me so that should help! 

I have flowers to plants, pies to bake and farm animals to create! Happy Friday Friends!