Tidbits of Talk

Happy Friday Friends! Gosh, it feels so good to be back in this space on a somewhat consistent basis. I am so excited for my new blog design next week.  The lovely Becca of Jumping Jax Designs will be giving me a makeover and  I think you will like the look of it and a new name is coming with it!

~ Fall is here…it has slowly been coming and I can’t wait. I love the heat but this week has brought a cool wind, the need for shoes and fleeces and I am dying to wear jeans and get cozy in our house.  A low of 40 something this weekend may push my fall clothes out of storage.  And plus also, is there anything better than a baby in footed jammies? I think not.

~ So, I bit the bullet with some encouragement from my mom.  I hired an interior decorator to help make some paint decisions in our house.  I love the idea of decorating but with a bigger house and lot of blank canvases and huge list of small to do’s I am at a loss for paint and a starting point. I think once the paint goes up, I think I will finally be able to get moving on some of the other things! Yes, there will be a lot of blog posts to come about our house! It will probably keep me accountable.

~ My mama is a better shopper than me. She bought me these  red jeans and I was pretty sure they would never get worn. Two times later, I am in love. The pop of bright red just makes me smile and I love finding creative things to pair with it. Aqua? Black? Gray? The possibilities are endless…

~ Our neighbor has a garden, actually a couple of them do and I have the itch. I am searching pinterest, thinking about what I want to plant and how to care for it. I think it will require some building that I will need my dad and husband to help with. 

This is a three day weekend for me so we are filling it with a trip to the farmers markets, runs in the forest preserve, mornings in jammies, and family.  Does it get any better than that? Happy weekend friends.