Tidbits on Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! Since I didn’t do Tidbits of Talk last Friday, I thought I would pop in on Tuesday and give some quick updates.

~ We made the switch and traded in our CRV for a 2012 Honda Pilot. It’s pretty but it sure is big. I am still adjusting to driving it.  The backup camera, miles to empty counter for gas and Bluetooth for my iPhone make me think I will “adjust” to the size of the car.

~ Something is in the water that my son is drinking. The first three years of his life we have pretty much coasted. No behavior issues, no sleeping issues, nothing really to worry about. But these past few days, I am at a loss. A complete loss. The screaming, the yelling, the whining and the tears. Oh the tears flow at least ten times a day.  There are moments that Glenn and I just look at each other like he is an alien. Tell me it is…

~ For some reason, the change in weather, the quiet of the suburbs, or just payback for the early wake times of the past year, sleep is solid in the Fischer house right now.  I am talking about Cate sleeping 12.5 or 13 hours a night and still taking two awesome naps a day. I am talking about Brady taking a great nap and sleeping until at least 6:30 every morning.  It has been bliss yet I am sure talking about it will send some bad sleeping woes my way soon!

EDIT: Last night was brutal. Really brutal. I knew karma would get me.

~ Yesterday,  I was supposed to start the pre-surgery process on my legs. My insurance cleared the procedure as medically necessary so I need a physical, which is required, to get things rolling. I kind of want to push it back a few months.  So, I cancelled. Why? Time, Brady’s birthday, fear.  Who knows.

~ We have not had a full day, five day week in a long time and this week is no exception. But, my parents will be here for the Ryder Cup so we are taking the train in to the city on Wednesday to go to the Lego store and to explore. Brady is so excited and so am I.

Happy Tuesday!