Three Years Later…


Tonight, I put you to sleep for the last time as a two year old. You asked me to stay and snuggle with you.  And with your daddy gone, I obliged because for that minute the world stopped.  I asked you questions and your answers got quieter and by the end of that minute, or two or three, I knew you were ready to go to sleep. 

Tomorrow, when you wake you will be three. I know that really doesn’t mean a lot to you.  Heck, you are almost three years old. You pretty much concern yourself with trucks, chocolate milk and The Lorax at this point not how old you are going to be tomorrow. 

But for me tonight, I sit here on the new couch in our new house and I think about how much you have grown in three years.  The person you are becoming, the changes you have made and even the little things that have stayed the same. 

Three years later, you still want me to carry you like a baby to bed. 

Three years later, you play a musical instrument every morning on the way to school and remind me to play mine- You the strum your guitar and tell me to play my trumpet as we listen to country music.

Three years later, you tell us that you want to snuggle in our bed in those early morning minutes when you wake refusing to accept no for an answer.   

Three years later you are predictable like me- asking for a drink the minute we walk in the door and telling me you don’t like jeans every morning as you get dressed.

Three years later, I look in my rear view mirror when I am driving and when I catch your eyes we both smile- easily, without hesitation. 

Three years later you are silly with your sister and can make her laugh just by talking to her and she can make you mad just by sitting next to you. 

Three years later, I see myself in you.  You don’t wake up well. You tell us to go away once we get you situated with Disney Junior and juice each morning.  I don’t blame you buddy…mornings are rough. 

Three years later, I see your daddy in you.  You are a master negotiator.  When we tell you it is time to go to bed, you ask for five more minutes and we say one and you usually respond with two more minutes and then proceed to tell us that you will watch for two more minutes, okay? 

Three years later, I am prouder than ever to be your mama!
Happy Birthday Buddy Boy! I love you to the moon and back!