Tidbits of Talk

Okay, so Friday has gotten here much quicker than I would have liked and I have some quick recaps to give you and a couple of big posts I need to get up as well but as it is becoming the norm, I am behind. I am thinking this might be the story of my life for the next oh 20 years of my life….Anyways enough babble…

No socks in October
~ We have been in the suburbs for almost three months and yet I still go in the city for two things- my haircuts and take my kids to the pediatrician. It drives my husband and mother crazy.  They think the hair thing is nuts. But here is the thing- it is important and they are open late and those are two big factors in my decision to drive down there once every six weeks. And if I am being honest, even though I drive in traffic, it is one of the only times I am in the car alone and it is quiet.  As for the pediatrician, the bottom line is that I think this is one of the most important relationships I have and so far it is worth every mile and minute we spend to see her. Am I crazy here?

~ The weather has been spectacular for Chicago in late October. Seriously amazing. And while it is coming to an end today, I have enjoyed having the windows open, watching Brady run in our grass with no shoes on one final time and the fact that jackets are optional. I guess I shouldn’t be greedy and should just be grateful I don’t have think about “Frankenstorm” this weekend. 

Yes, my gauge said 81. 
~ Yesterday, I woke up and before I was out of bed, I just knew that I didn’t really want to face the day. Do you ever have those days? I trudged through the day pretty grumpily and I knew, just knew, if I did something physical I would be in better spirits. So, I got an awesome albeit fast workout in and it was just what I needed. Exercise is my therapy. I think we all have something don’t we?

~ This weekend is full of a new sports class for Brady, date night with my man to watch the ND/Oklahoma game and maybe even a Halloween parade if the weather isn’t too bad.

~Can you believe it is almost November? You know what that means… my favorite time of the year. Holiday time! I already have a Christmas present bought. Yes, you read that right. 

Happy Friday friends! Enjoy the weekend.