Tidbits of Talk

Four day weeks are a killer as a teacher and I find myself busier than I am in a typical week.  Why is that? This week has flown by and I am guessing next week will be more of the same. I am begging for a five day week of school. Crazy right?

~ Brady’s birthday party has come to a screeching halt thanks to mother nature. Every weekend this fall so far there has not been a drop of precipitation yet this weekend- strong storms and thunder is the forecast. So, a plan B is in the works. Not exactly what we were hoping for in a party but I am sure it will be fine! My partner in crime Kristen and I have a plan and we are thinking the kids will have fun no matter what! 

~ Let’s talk about Cate and socks. She hates them. And Glenn tries talking to her like she is 10 about them telling her to keep them on so her feet don’t get cold and then she smiles at him and promptly proceeds to pull them off. Sometimes pulling so hard that her legs go airborne and she falls backwards. Hilarious- yes but so annoying.  Any suggestions?

~ We had some daycare drama this week that tugged at my heart. It weighed me down and caused a sleepless night.  Glenn is such a voice of reason. He is so level-headed when it comes to our kids and I am so grateful for that.  I knew that I needed to be calm and rational and communicate clearly and I think I did that. I had to run some of my emotions out and talk to Glenn and my mama ahead of time but I think we are on the right path again.

~ We got a new bed in our fourth bedroom. The delivery time was between 6am -9am on Tuesday. Weird right? Imagine our surprise when a delivery truck was backing up and beeping loudly at 6:02am. I am guessing our neighbors are not happy and kids sure weren’t. 
Happy Friday friends! The Homecoming football game and tailgate, birthday celebrations and some family time is calling my name this weekend! 
Whatcha lookin at Cate? 
PS- Sorry for the lack of pictures. I swear instagram is the only reason I have any pictures. I must get my camera out more.