5 Things I am Loving- November

Five Things I Am Loving- November

Well hello November. Fancy you making your entrance so quickly and being almost half over.  You know what though? I don’t mind you even though most people think you signify the beginning of winter, I tend to think November kicks off the holiday season which I find to be the most magical time of the year.

So, what am I loving right now? Let me tell you…

I don’t do scented soaps that overwhelm me.  Honestly, most of my life I used bar soap.  I used whatever we had in the house. And then recently, I got on the Philosopshy kick. I still love it. But, it doesn’t really make suds and I like that for some reason. So, I tried Aveeno at in-law’s house one time and I loved it. The smell is faint, it keeps my skin moist, the bottle lasts forever and there is oatmeal in the soap to help keep my skin soft. I love it and I am just now realizing it is my go to soap.

Have you heard of them? I hadn’t until my mama told me after she saw them on HGTV.  Their flagship store is in Chicago and so far I love the concept, the look and not to mention the cost.  You get to pick your color, your pattern, your size and your texture and with a few EASY assembly stickers you have a new rug. 
Heath Bars

I am on a true candy high from Halloween and the little mini Heath bars are hands down my favorite.  I don’t what it is about them but last week I picked up lunch and I got a heath bar as part of it. Clearly, I need some help but the toffee is so good. I found myself looking on pinterest for recipes that use Heath bars. Yesterday, I had a mini heath blizzard and I bought toffee at Costco on Sunday. Sounds like I have a problem right? 

Footed Jammies

It’s no secret if you follow me on instagram that I am love footed jammies and I love them on little boys even more. Maybe it’s because I feel like I am losing the “baby” in him but there is such innocence when they wear those jammies. He wouldn’t wear them last winter but this winter he is all about them and I am not complaining.

Christmas Music

The Christmas music is already playing on the radio. I know I know respect the turkey in November but I just can’t help it.  It is loud and Brady exclaims every day when we get in the car “I hear Christmas” and that well that is enough to make me smile. What is it about the music that just makes me calmer, focused on family and ready to tackle the holidays and enjoy every ounce of them?

Bring it on December. I am ready for you because I love just almost everything about you!