Tidbits of Talk

Gosh darn this week just flew by and tomorrow it is going to be December. Are you kidding me? I just can’t even wrap my head around the fact that December is here and that Christmas is coming and New Years and spring and oh my gosh I am just getting ahead of myself. Anyways, here we are. Another week in the books. Lots of quick updates for you.

~My leg is in better shape this week. The recovery from my first procedure was really bad and painful and I think it was my vanity that got the best of me because on day 2 I thought I was “tough” and didn’t need the ugly compression stocking and the back of my leg is still sore.  This time around I wore them for two days and my leg feels pretty good… I even got a decent workout in Wednesday. Let’s hope my appointment Monday goes well.

~ So the Clickin Moms thing…gonna go out there and say I am really disappointed in the course. It was expensive, clearly not for beginners, and the material is poorly constructed. I don’t know what I was thinking but I was hoping that it was truly going to teach me how to start from the beginning and it has not done that for me.  I was thinking it was going to be a step by step and really walk me thru shooting in manual.  Plus, the people taking it are not beginners and have all kinds of crazy time I don’t seem to have right now.  I am frustrated and about one click of my camera away from throwing in the towel all together. Kinda sucks…

~ I am obsessed with tying scarves.  Glenn caught me red-handed on Thanksgiving following step by step instructions from this pinterest post to doing a figure 8 knot.  I love it and love finding the ways to make scarves look full and fluffly.

~Speaking of scarves, have you seen these gorgeous cowlsfrom Ann Taylor Loft. I love them… might need to go on my Christmas list. (Don’t worry a complete list is coming soon.)

~A trip Second City and dinner with good friends, the male happens to be Glenn’s business partner,  to celebrate their business this weekend.   Hotel room, good food, drinks and some laughs sounds like the perfect way to kick off the holiday season. I will probably be spamming your Instagram feeds with images from the city.

Happy Friday friends! Hope you are in the spirit! Have a great weekend!