Under The Big Top

Glenn saw a commercial that the circus was in town. I was not excited. He was. Typical. He thought Brady would really love it and but we both agreed it would be a great reward to a good start on potty training.

We asked him if he wanted to go and he said yes to see the clowns.

He told us all week that he wanted to see the clowns with the funny faces.

I was more excited that we were going to get an afternoon with our first born because I think it is important to give him some individual attention and Cate was content to stay with her nana and papa (my in-laws).  So, off we went.

He insisted on holding our hands in to the arena

It was a quick trip from our house.

We bought a sword, two soft drinks, some popcorn, cotton candy and a slushy when all was said and done for $75. Criminal prices I tell you especially if you consider he didn’t even like the cotton candy and the slushy was a nightmare to eat in its clown cup.

But it was worth it.

Using the afterglow app on my iphone

He was mesmerized.  And he danced in his seat. And he watched with anticipation, waiting, smiling and staring.  There were clowns and elephants and lions and tigers and guys on motorcycles on a wire.  That was plenty for him. And for me.

elephants in a terrible picture