All I Want For Christmas

The older I get, the less I really want or need.  Honestly, I really want for very little but being a girl, I always can come up with some things. So, here are just a few things that I would love for Christmas.  And no, ma and Glenn that doesn’t mean you have to buy any of these things! These are things that I can wait for well at least most of them.  I would just love #1, #3, #4 and #5….pretty please.

1. Yoga Mat Bag- Since going to yoga, I have noticed how many people have a bag to put their mat in.  Makes sense right? I unroll it, wipe it down but after class is over it sits in the locker room as I get dressed and then gets thrown in to my car trunk until I need it again. Dirt, germs and just gross stuff is on it.   I love this oneand think it would be perfect. Don’t you?

2. 50mm F1.5 lens- Since getting my Nikon and taking my Clickin Moms class, I realize that I want  this lens. But I am not sure I NEED this lens. I am thinking it is a good little incentive when I get better with my camera.   Haven’t you ever wondered how people have their subject in focus and the background blurry? Well so did I until I started looking at pictures taken with this lens. And by the way, I am still frustrated but I am going to try my best to keep learning and get my money out of the class!

3. Running Shoes- Every year, my MIL buys me a new pair of running shoes and I swear by Brooks. Specifically, I wear the Adrenaline GTS line and love them. And since I am back to working out, I think a new pair of kicks is just what the doctor ordered. Don’t you?

4. Dust Buster– I hate the crumbs, and dirt, and just stuff that is on our floors with two small kids. I hate it. I hate that we have to sweep every night. And last night, after taking off a couch cushion, I almost passed out from the amount of crumbs on the couch.  I want a quick picker upper for these little crumbs that seem to be everywhere in my house. I know that you shouldn’t ask for appliances etc…but I really want one. 

5. I love cute address labels. I love sending mail. But, I am secretly jealous of those people that have a return address stamp. How cute is this one? I have to believe over time you save money if you use one of these stamps. Don’t you think? 
6. Head Board- So, we need a new head board. Two moves later, our bed is bogus. It squeaks and the posts under the bed keep falling out.  I love the idea of a tufted one with no foot board because I can’t tell you how many times one of us bangs our legs on the end board. 

So, tell me what do you want for Christmas?